What is it

Cryptohagen is a series of informal get-togethers every last Sunday of the month in Copenhagen.

There is a similar event in Aarhus

Who is it for

The meetup is for everyone who uses the Internet in one form or another.

  • You might be studying and needing to research sensitive topics
  • Perhaps you live in a problematic relationship and need a way to get help without your partner being alerted
  • You may be a journalist and need some tools to help protect a source
  • Or maybe you’re a future whistle blower

We can all find ourselves in a situation where we need ways to protect our privacy. We are a friendly group of “nerds” who get together and are ready to start the conversation with you about how you can get better at protecting yourself online. We’ll have a talk about your specific needs and come up with some ideas to help you get started.

What else is Cryptohagen

Cryptohagen is also a friendly community that provides a space to discuss topics like privacy, online safety and security or encryption or any other subject among like-minded people.

So come on down and say hi, have a chat and a good cup of coffee. All you need to bring is a friendly smile and the wish to get to know some nice people in a relaxed environment.

Get in touch

We have a Twitter account. Feel free to write us there, a few of us have access to it so we’ll be sure to reply as soon as we can.

Next time:

Sunday October 25th 2020

Due to the current Covid-19 situation, we have decided to cancel Cryptohagen this month. A couple of us will have a coffee at Mellemrummet in case you need urgent help, but the social part of the event is not taking place. We hope to see you soon!


Sunday November 29th 2020

Follow along on Twitter, IRC or Matrix for updates regarding the Covid-19 situation and Cryptohagen.


Sunday December 27th 2020

We're on Xmas break in December as usual. We hope we can meet again in January, depending on how the Covid-19 situation evolves.


We are here:

Cafe Mellemrummet
Ravnsborggade 11
2200 København Nørrebro